Sound Insulation

  • room acoustics, calculation of reverberation times
  • protection against airborne and footfall sound transmission from other´s living and working areas, DIN 4109, solid construction, wood and other skeleton building methods
  • influence of flanking construction elements
  • protection against external noise, resulting sound reduction indices
  • sound reduction indices from measured values in third or octave bands according to DIN EN ISO 717-1
  • airborne sound insulation between areas, DIN EN 12354-1, simplified models, room sketches, input values from cross section analyses, joint damming measures, building sound reduction indices
  • Goesele procedure for timber beam floors
  • requirements according to DIN 4109, sound control stages according to VDI recommendation 4100
  • calculation of noise level ranges according to DIN 18005, road and train services, parking lots, navigation, line and area sound sources, partial sound sources 
  • determination of building sound reduction indices according to EN ISO 717-1 (diagram)
  • wall development with absorption coefficients for the determination of the reverberation time (diagram)
  • standard footfall sound level from periodical measured values, with diagram
  • footfall sound protection according to DIN EN 12354-2

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