EnEV 2004 - German Energy Saving Regulation

Every procedure and all calculation possibilities of German EnEV 2004 (energy saving regulation), monthly balance, period balance, procedures under public law, procedures for buildings with low inside temperatures and existing buildings.

  • tabular compilation of envelope surfaces  of building structures,  elements or of imported surface data (Nemetschek CAD applications, tables, calculation sheets)
  • integrated, semi-automated surface calculation, import of surface data
  • calculation of transmission heat losses using Fx-values, integration of thermal bridges, losses to the ground (including stationary or harmonious conductance), front buildings of glass
  • Structural element relations with actualising function
  • explicite calculation of thermal bridges, using of Y-values from the  structural element calculation
  • energy losses of integrated heating surfaces
  • free ventilation, ventilation systems with/without heat recovery
  • internal heat gains
  • solar heat gains of windows, winter gardens, opaque structural units transparent heat insulation, radiation intensities and shading factors
  • determination of the effective heat storage capacity, explicitely or flat
  • heating interruption and calculation of nightly shut off
  • Calculation of heat and warm water requirements
  • facilities according to German DIN V 4701-10:2001, diagram procedure or detailed table procedure,
    warm water, ventilation and heating installations
  • calculation of primary energy requirements and transmission energy losses, limiting values according to German EnEV 2001 / 2002
  • graphical preparation: monthly or periodical balances, energy profiles
  • table / graphic comparison of two building and calculation varieties



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